Learn How to Order BicCamera Suica Card

In this article, you'll discover the steps to order a BicCamera Suica Card. This guide is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the process. 

We'll cover essential details, including interest rates and contact information. By the end, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to acquire your card successfully.

Overview of BicCamera Suica Card

The BicCamera Suica Card is a popular payment option in Japan and is known for its convenience. It combines the functions of a Suica transit card with the benefits of a BicCamera loyalty card. 

Users can earn points on purchases and enjoy automatic top-ups. The card is accepted at various retailers, including Kojima Sofmap. Points vary depending on the store and products. Overall, it's a handy tool for travel and shopping in Japan.


Introduction to the Card

The BicCamera Suica Card is a versatile payment tool. It offers both transit and shopping benefits.

Features and Benefits

It provides a range of features and benefits that cater to the needs of modern consumers. One of the standout features is the 1.5% point reward for automatic and mobile Suica charges, allowing cardholders to accumulate points quickly.

While points can also be earned at ticket vending machines and JR East VIEW ALTTE machines, the rate is slightly lower at 0.5%.


The card offers cash-equivalent points for those who enjoy shopping at Kojima Sofmap, enhancing the shopping experience.

However, it's important to note that Suica payments are limited to certain stores, and point rates may vary, so it's advisable to check the specifics at each location.

For convenience, this card has a maximum charge of 20,000 yen per transaction, which is sufficient for most daily needs. Additionally, each transaction at BicCamera is limited to one Suica card, ensuring a streamlined and efficient checkout process. 


Security Features 

This card has advanced security features to protect your personal and financial information. With chip technology and contactless payment options, your transactions are secure and convenient. 

The card also protects against fraud, ensuring you are not held responsible for unauthorized charges. Regular monitoring and alerts inform you of any suspicious activity on your account.

International Usage 

For those who travel abroad, the card offers international usage capabilities. You can use the card for purchases and cash withdrawals in foreign currencies, making it a handy travel companion. 

The card is accepted at millions of locations worldwide, ensuring you can access your funds wherever you go. However, it's important to be aware of any foreign transaction fees that may apply.

Ordering the Card

Ordering the BicCamera Suica Card is a straightforward process. You can do it online or in-store.

Steps to Order

To order the card, visit the BicCamera website or a store. Choose the type of card you need. Fill out the application form with your details. 

Submit the form and wait for approval. Once approved, you can collect your card in-store or have it delivered. Follow the instructions provided to activate your card.

Application Requirements

You'll need a valid ID to apply for the card. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria. The process is simple and quick. Once you have your card, you can start using it immediately.

Using the Card

The BicCamera Suica Card is versatile and convenient. Use it for shopping, commuting, and more.

Activation and Recharge

To activate your card, follow the instructions provided. You can recharge it at BicCamera stores, online, or on Suica-compatible machines. Check your balance regularly to ensure you have enough funds. 

Recharge your card before it runs out to avoid any inconvenience. Keep your card safe and report any issues immediately. Enjoy the convenience of seamless transactions with your card.

Card Usage Tips

It is designed to enhance your shopping and commuting experience with ease of use and a range of benefits. Use it to make the most of your card for hassle-free transactions at BicCamera stores and other participating retailers. It's also ideal for seamless commuting on JR East trains and buses.

To maximize your rewards, monitor your points balance closely. Check your account regularly to stay updated on your points accumulation and plan your purchases accordingly. 

Remember to recharge your card regularly to maintain its functionality and enjoy its convenience. By following these tips, you can fully enjoy the benefits of your BicCamera Suica Card and make your daily transactions more rewarding and efficient.

Understanding Interest Rates

Interest rates are crucial when considering a credit card. They determine the cost of borrowing money.

APR Explained

The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) represents the annual cost of borrowing, including interest and other fees. A lower APR means lower borrowing costs, so it's important to compare APRs when choosing a card.

Interest-Free Period

Most cards offer an interest-free period, typically around 20-30 days. This means you won't be charged interest if you pay your balance in full within this time. 

It's a useful feature for managing expenses without extra cost. However, always check the length of the interest-free period before applying.

Late Payment and Cash Withdrawal Charges

Late payments can result in additional charges and affect your credit score. Cash withdrawals usually incur fees and higher interest rates. 

It's best to avoid these transactions when possible. Always review the terms and conditions for late payments and cash withdrawal charges.

Bank Details

Knowing the bank's details is essential for card management. You can contact them with inquiries or for assistance.

Address and Contact Number

The bank's address is 3-23-23 Takada, Tokyo, Japan. For any queries or support, call +81 339878785. It's important to have this information handy. You can also visit their branch for in-person assistance.

Disclaimer: It is essential to read and understand the card's terms and conditions, which provide crucial information about usage and fees.

Concluding Thoughts: BicCamera Suica Card

In conclusion, ordering a BicCamera Suica Card is a straightforward process that offers convenience and rewards. By understanding interest rates, fees, and bank details, you can manage your card effectively. 

Always be aware of the terms and conditions to avoid unnecessary charges. The BicCamera Suica Card is a valuable tool for both shopping and transportation in Japan.