AU PAY Prepaid Card - Learn How to Apply Online

In today's fast-paced world, a reliable and convenient payment method is crucial. The AU PAY Prepaid Card offers just that, with its easy online application process. 


This article serves as your step-by-step guide to applying for the card from the comfort of your home. We aim to equip you with all the necessary information to make the application process smooth and straightforward.

What's an AU PAY Prepaid Card? 

This card is a tool for managing your money. It combines the convenience of cashless payments with benefits like point accumulation.


Card Essentials 

It is a financial tool designed for easy use. Every purchase earns you points, which can be used for future transactions. 

It makes payments convenient; you can use it online or in stores. The card can be recharged directly from your smartphone, making adding funds on the go easy. 


There's no need to worry about overspending, as you can only spend what you've loaded onto the card. This card is a great way to enjoy the benefits of cashless transactions while keeping track of your spending.

Starting Your AU PAY Prepaid Card Application 

Applying for a prepaid card online is straightforward. This guide will help you navigate the steps required to get your card.

Application Steps 

To apply online, first visit the official website. Next, fill out the application form accurately with your details. 

Ensure you have all necessary documents ready for upload. Apply and wait for an initial review. You'll receive an email confirmation with further instructions. Lastly, complete any additional steps as directed in the email.

Documents Needed 

For the application, you'll need a valid ID for identity verification. Proof of address, such as a utility bill, is also required. 

Ensure your documents are recent and legible. Digital copies must be uploaded during the application process.

Approval Process

After you submit your application, it is reviewed for completeness and accuracy. You might be contacted for additional information. 

Approval usually takes a few days. Once approved, your card is mailed to you.

Who Can Get an AU PAY Prepaid Card?

An AU PAY prepaid card requires only a few requirements. This section outlines the key eligibility criteria.

Age Requirements

You must be at least 18 years old to apply. Certain cards may have different age requirements. Minors need parental consent. Age verification is a part of the application process.

Income Requirements

There are no strict income requirements, and the card is designed for broad accessibility. However, proof of stable income might be requested for credit assessment, ensuring responsible use and management of the card.

Required Documentation

A valid government-issued ID is mandatory. Proof of address, like a utility bill, confirms your residency. Some applications may require a recent photograph. Ensure all documents are current and precise.

Understanding Interest Rates and Fees 

Discover the costs associated with your card. This section breaks down what you need to know.

Explanation of Costs 

You can charge Ponta points to your card, up to ¥20,000 monthly, tax-free. To activate your card, you need an au mobile phone and an au ID linked to either your au HIKARI subscription, au Jibun Bank account, or verified on the au PAY app. 

Not all stores or services accept cards for certain payments, such as communications fees, utilities, or gasoline. Cash payments are not an option, and only total payments are accepted. 

Transactions under ¥10 might be declined, and a 4% fee for using the card abroad is added. Also, small foreign currency purchases might not be possible, and points may take up to two months to be credited to your account.

Using Your AU PAY Prepaid Card 

Here's how to get started with your card. This guide simplifies activation, loading, and using your card.

Card Activation 

To activate your card, follow the instructions provided with your card or in the au PAY app. Ensure your au ID is linked to a supported service. 

Activation is typically instant but may require verification steps. Once activated, you can immediately start using your card for transactions. Keep your card details secure to prevent unauthorized use.

Loading Money 

Load money onto your card through the au PAY app or at participating locations. Ensure your au ID is correctly linked for a smooth transaction. You can load up to ¥20,000 monthly without tax

The process is simple and can be done from your smartphone. Funds are usually available immediately after loading. Keep track of your balance to manage your spending effectively.

Making Purchases and Withdrawals 

Your card can be used at various merchants and online stores. Present your card at checkout or enter your card details online for purchases. 

Some transactions under ¥10 may not be accepted, and a 4% fee applies for international use. Withdrawals are not directly possible with this prepaid card; however, you can use the balance for your purchases within the card's accepted network.

Customer Support

If you need assistance, our customer support is ready to help. Contact details and more are just a step away.

Contact Information 

For direct support, contact the bank's telephone number and address. For branch-specific inquiries, such as au Style SAPPORO in Hokkaido, Sapporo, visit our website. 

The contact number, 0800-080-4790, is available for your convenience. Whether you need to make a quick call or visit one of our branches, we're here to assist you. The website provides all the necessary information, including locations and additional contact details.

Disclaimer: Be aware of the terms and conditions, including limitations and exclusions. It's essential to read these carefully to understand the scope of our services.

Conclusion on AU PAY Prepaid Card Application 

Applying for an AU PAY Prepaid Card online is straightforward. Visit the website, complete the form, and submit the necessary documents. 

Approval is swift, making it easy to start enjoying your card's benefits. This guide ensures you're well informed about the process. Keep your card's benefits and these tips in mind for a seamless application.