Job Openings at Daiei: Learn How to Apply

This article will guide you through the job vacancies at Daiei. You will gain essential information about available positions, salaries, and benefits. 


From identifying suitable roles to crafting a compelling application, the following sections will equip you with the knowledge needed to embark on a career. By the end, you will be better prepared to pursue your professional goals in the retail industry.

Overview of Daiei

It is a well-established retail chain founded in 1957. It has a long history of serving customers with a wide range of products. Over the years, it has grown significantly, becoming a major player in Japan’s retail market


Today, it operates numerous stores across the country. The company is known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction and is a trusted name in retail.

Current Job Openings

It offers a variety of job openings that suit different skills and career goals. Here are the current opportunities available.


Types of Job Openings

Here are the different roles available, along with the qualifications and skills required for each position:

  • Sales Associate: Assist customers with purchases and product inquiries. Maintained store cleanliness and organization. Ensure a positive shopping experience.
  • Store Manager: Oversee daily store operations and staff. Implement sales strategies and meet financial goals. Resolve customer issues and manage inventory.
  • Logistics Coordinator: Coordinate the movement of goods from warehouses to stores. Ensure timely delivery and accurate inventory levels. Work with suppliers and transport companies.
  • Cashier: You will handle customer transactions and process payments. You will provide friendly and efficient service and maintain the cash register's accuracy and balance.
  • Inventory Specialist: Monitor stock levels and order supplies. Conduct regular inventory audits and maintain records. Coordinate with suppliers to ensure product availability.
  • Customer Service Representative: Assist customers with inquiries and complaints. Provide information about products and services. Resolve issues and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • IT Support Specialist: This position troubleshoots and resolves technical issues, maintains computer systems and networks, provides IT support to staff, and ensures system security.
  • Marketing Coordinator: Develop and execute marketing campaigns. Create promotional materials and manage social media. Analyze market trends and report on campaign performance.
  • Human Resources Assistant: This position assists with recruitment and onboarding. It also maintains employee records and manages benefits. The position supports HR initiatives and resolves staff issues.
  • Maintenance Technician: Perform routine maintenance and repairs. Ensure equipment and facilities are in good working order. Address any maintenance issues promptly.

Salary and Benefits

It offers its employees competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits. Here's an overview of what to expect.

Average Salary Ranges

Below are the average salary ranges for different positions at the company:

  • Sales Associate: ¥3,450,000 - ¥4,140,000 per year
  • Store Manager: ¥6,900,000 - ¥8,280,000 per year
  • Logistics Coordinator: ¥4,830,000 - ¥6,210,000 per year
  • Cashier: ¥2,760,000 - ¥3,450,000 per year
  • Inventory Specialist: ¥3,864,000 - ¥4,830,000 per year
  • Customer Service Representative: ¥4,140,000 - ¥5,244,000 per year
  • IT Support Specialist: ¥5,520,000 - ¥6,900,000 per year
  • Marketing Coordinator: ¥6,210,000 - ¥7,590,000 per year
  • Human Resources Assistant: ¥4,830,000 - ¥5,796,000 per year
  • Maintenance Technician: ¥5,244,000 - ¥6,210,000 per year

Health and Wellness Benefits

Offers comprehensive wellness benefits, including medical, dental, and vision coverage. Employees also have access to wellness programs and health screenings. The goal is to ensure that all employees remain healthy and well-supported.

Retirement Plans and Savings Options

Employees benefit from robust retirement plans, including 401(k) plans with company matching. Additionally, there are savings options to help employees prepare for the future. The company's commitment is to provide financial security for all staff.

Employee Discounts and Perks

Working here comes with attractive employee discounts. Staff members can enjoy reduced prices on various products, and exclusive deals are available throughout the year. 

These perks are designed to make employees feel valued and appreciated. Additionally, employees receive occasional special offers on selected items.

Career Advancement Opportunities

It promotes from within whenever possible. Employees can access training programs and professional development, with clear career paths for growth and advancement. 

The company believes in fostering talent and helping employees reach their full potential. Regular performance reviews help identify opportunities for promotion.

Job Requirements and Qualifications

Here are the requirements and qualifications needed for various positions. Understanding these will help you prepare effectively for your application.

Educational Qualifications

Most roles require a high school diploma or equivalent. Some positions, such as management, may need a bachelor’s degree or higher. Specialized roles might require specific certifications.

Required Skills and Experience

Candidates should have relevant skills and experience for the job. For example, sales roles require customer service skills and experience, and technical positions may require specific technical skills.

Language Proficiency

Proficiency in Japanese is usually required. Some roles may also need English proficiency. Check the job listing for exact language requirements.

Other Specific Job Requirements

Certain positions may require additional certifications or technical skills, and physical roles might require physical fitness. Always review the job listing for any extra requirements.

Application Process

Here is a concise guide to help you through the application process. Follow these steps to increase your chances of success.

Step-By-Step Guide to Applying

Follow these steps to apply for a position:

  • Research: Visit the company’s website or job portals.
  • Prepare Documents: Prepare your resume, cover letter, and certifications.
  • Apply Online: Submit your application through the online portal.
  • Follow-up: Check your email for confirmation and updates.

Where to Find Job Listings?

Job listings are on the company’s official website under the careers section. You can also check popular job portals and recruitment agencies.

Creating an Effective Resume and Cover Letter

Ensure your resume is clear and concise, highlighting your relevant experience and skills. Your cover letter should be tailored to the job and explain why you are a good fit.

Tips for a Successful Interview

Here are some tips to help you succeed in your interview:

  • Research: Learn about the company and its role.
  • Practice: Prepare answers to common interview questions.
  • Dress Appropriately: Wear professional attire.
  • Be Punctual: Arrive on time and bring the necessary documents.

Application Deadlines and Timelines

These are usually listed in the job posting. It is important to submit your application before the deadline to be considered. After applying, the review process can take a few weeks. If you are shortlisted, you will be contacted for an interview.

Working Environment and Culture

Here is an overview of the working environment and the company culture. Understanding these aspects can help you decide if this place is right for you.

Description of the Work Environment

The work environment is dynamic and fast-paced. Employees are encouraged to collaborate and support each other. The facilities are modern and well-maintained. Safety and comfort are prioritized for all staff.

Company Culture and Values

The company culture is based on respect and integrity. Employees are valued for their contributions and hard work. The company promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Core values include customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Final Overview of Job Openings at Daiei

Exploring the job openings at Daiei can lead to rewarding career opportunities. This guide has provided essential information on the types of positions, application process, and company culture. 

By understanding these details, you can apply confidently and effectively. Take the next step and start your career with this dynamic company.